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Idyllic views in the suburbs

About glenwood estate

Glenwood Estate, Speedwell's residential development in Corbeanca, offers an opportunity to embrace a slower pace of life while maintaining a strong connection to the city.

This 14-hectare gated community, nestled along the lakeshore, prioritizes sustainability and the feeling of belonging.
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Well-connected haven


Located in Corbeanca, Glenwood Estate has been designed to embrace community life while preserving your privacy.

Its convenient location near the DN1 expressway ensures quick access to Henri Coanda International Airport just 15 minutes away, and the nearby bus station effortlessly connects you to the city.
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Tranquil lifestyle

Where Community & Nature Unite

Our vision is to foster a strong and vibrant community. As residents wake up to the gentle rustle of leaves and breathe in the fresh air, they experience the true essence of tranquility and a deep connection to both nature and their neighbors.

Together, they share in the joys of a close-knit community, where friendships flourish, and a sense of togetherness permeates every corner of our idyllic village.
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Glenwood estate villas
The development comprises 209 units with 7 unique villa types, ranging in size from 142 to 220 usable square meters. The overall area of each plot (including the private garden) varies from 322 to 557 square meters.
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Proximity to services

Ideal proximity to essential services

While Glenwood boasts a serene setting, it is by no means isolated. The location offers excellent proximity to various essential amenities, making it a practical choice for modern living.
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About speedwell

Speedwell’s projects are designed to increase quality of life, reinvent cohabitation, and support the development and creativity of communities. To achieve this, Speedwell has assembled a team of in-house architects, legal and fiscal advisors, sales and marketing specialists, and project managers.

This allows the company to cover the full spectrum of the real estate development process, from concept to completion.
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